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Santa Claus Conquers the Congress

Merry Christmas…to those of you who enjoy being wished Merry Christmas.

Because I ran out of postage funding before being able to send this year’s card to all of you…



…and because my CD budget is also in need of a bail-out, here’s a link to the audio file of the skit which accompanied the card:

it may take a few moments to download.

May you find your share of Peace and Plenty in the Year to come.

— over and out —

It’s not too difficult to make a monkey out of me.  But never has it been done so creatively.

Tom Morse and the crew at SAS in Cary, NC came up with some clever ways to liven up the product demo to their new data management software.  I don’t pretend to understand what it does, but that doesn’t matter.  SAS only needed me to provide some voices, which they then put into animation.  The style is akin to the Jib-Jab folks…or as my friend and webmaster Lou Dalmaso pointed out, even more like the Terry Gilliam animations for Monty Python.  I play both the super-intelligent chimp here (Dr. Peabody, aka Bobo), and the not-so-bright reporter.  See if you can guess which looks more like the real RG. 

Here’s a second “interview” with the starship’s computer.

Many thanks to Tom (and SAS) for permission to share.