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Big Blowhards: Takes One To Know One

copyright 2004, 2009 State of Florida

Perhaps disproving the old adage 

“an ill wind blows no good”,

the folks at disney i.d.e.a.s. provided me with a fun project,

narrating a kids’ online storybook about tornadoes.

Tom LaBaff’s whimsical illustrations gave me plenty of inspiration (along with the usual expert direction from the studio folks).

Click here to get to the website.  Then click on the “Read The Story To Me” picture to start the flash presentation.

I guess all those years of reading to my kids paid off.

…and I guess I should also thank my Mom and Dad for the hours they spent reading to me when I was a little “whirlwind” myself.

— over and out —

I’ve done voice work for computer companies, science labs, autoparts manufacturers, pharmaceuticals , escalator repair teams, accounting departments…explaining things to people who actually know the business I’m supposedly the “authority” for. Fortunately for me, I’m evidently a good actor.
Add one more to my list of know-nothing spokespersons:   GOLF.

Yup, for the next full year, I’ll be extolling the virtues and excitement of the PGA Tour on radio and television, in what has turned out to be the single highest-paying one hour booth session I’ve ever done.

And to add to my sense of humility: after spending close to two years and mucho dinero seeking out self-promotion knowledge, this job came gift wrapped. I had been cast before I even knew about the gig, through the good offices of someone who had my demo and put me forward for the job (thank you, Joe at Procomm!).

Sounds backwards, but sometimes it works better when I stop trying to make it happen!

Excuse me now while I get back to studying this “golf ” stuff. I may need to know how many strikes you get before you’re out.

— over and…uh…out —