T’is the day before Christmas and sadly, I fear
my friends may conclude I forgot them this year.
The workload I’m handling has gotten so huge,
it’s caused me to seem like a Grinch or a Scrooge.

The house has no tinsel, no cards were created,
all due to the work with which I’m inundated.
Though I managed to fly out and visit my Mom,
my main Christmas shopping was amazon-dot-com.

But I shouldn’t complain, and I shouldn’t be stressing.
This fourth-quarter bounty has been a real blessing.
With so many others hard-pressed to find work,
to whine about business would make me a jerk.

So as one more deadline gets shoved out the door,
(…and knowing, come Monday, there’ll be several more…)
I wish Merry Christmas to friends I hold dear,
though I can’t do it justice till the end of the year.