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     With all the buzz about Aflac throwing open auditions for anyone to become rich and famous replacing Gilbert Gottfried as the annoying voice of the TV Commercial Duck, I’m probably the only voice talent in America that isn’t submitting an audition.

     Why not?

     Because if I did, it would probably go something like this.

    (Don’t expect any flashy pictures…except whatever pops into your mind as you listen in.)

— over and out —

     Even though I’ve known about the character of “Axe Cop” for awhile, I didn’t really know how to describe it.  I’m still not sure I do.  All I knew was that one of my internet friends, Dave DeAndrea, has done a few audio versions of these comic book adventures dreamed up by a six-year-old and turned into graphic art by his thiry-year-old brother.

     Now, at the invitation of Dave, I have become part of the Axe Cop Universe…albeit in a small way…playing the curmudgeonly President Towzerd.

     Dave’s audio production of the “trailer” for the upcoming Dark Horse comic features other talented friends (like Sam Mowry) with narration by the stellar Bob Souer.  You can view it here.

     And if you are curious about the background of this crazy project, the folks at the sci-fi website do it far better than I can.

     Oh, and Axe Cop?  Get off my lawn!!!!!

— 0ver and out —