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Buster Keaton from "One Week"

It was cluttered, it was messy, it was an unsightly disaster area.  But at least it was a working one…until I started trying to clean up!

During a break in the action, I let my “better self” overrule my “smarter self” and attempted to de-clutter my studio.   Am beginning to wonder if this is one of those things Man Was Not Meant To Disturb.  So far, yes, I have carted out several huge trashbags, made a clear path to my console, reclaimed a pile of tangled patch cords, and actually have chairs people can sit in.  I’ve also broken several collectibles, nearly disabled my ISDN, and…in a rare moment of stupidity…efficiently cut the cables to my satellite dish when I thought I was severing the old C-Band system that’s been plugged in but unused for at least five years!

Now I have another reason to wish for business to pick up.  …I’ll need to have something to pay the DISH technician when he comes to splice the cables tomorrow.  No way am I going to try and do that myself after today’s adventure!

I wonder how many calories you can burn off, kicking yourself?

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Deductions and Obstructions

     I don’t know how I’ve managed to miss this.  It’s evidently been available since 2009.  Seems there’s an IRS form for freelancers. 

     If you’re in that catagory (as most voiceover people are), you may find yourself in the midst of some rueful chuckling as you scan the fine print of graphic artist Sam Potts’ creation.   Here’s the link to the NY Times coverage:

      (Thanks to friend and VO talent Chrystal Bartlett for making me aware of this.  Now I’ve got to go get some new pajamas in order to claim that deduction!)

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