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     …even if it’s an accident.  But take credit for it anyway!

     In a recent flurry of comments on Paul Strikwerda’s facebook post about low-balling your voice0ver rates, I wrote the following “instant wise saying”:

 ‎…just because you’re doing something you love doesn’t mean you have to do it just for the love of it.

      Another friend, Andrew Swingler, immediately chimed in, asking if he could use it.

      Of course, I said “yes”.  I’d be tempted to register it as a trademark, except for the nagging fear I’ve lifted it from someone else without remembering it!

     But meanwhile, if it makes me sound wise and venerable…I’ll go with it!

— over and out —

     I consider myself pretty knowledgable in things involving voice recording over the years…especially in Radio, film and animation. 

     But voice talent Scott Reynes just boosted my knowledge by leaps and bounds with a chart he created, which chronicles the history of the voiceover. 


You’ll find it at   Once you get there, click on the thumbnail that looks like the picture here, and you’ll get the full-size graphic.

    Thanks, too, to the BillyBlog over at  If I hadn’t seen it mentioned there, I might have missed it.

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I finally got a look at my Ranch.

Last summer I did the voice of a crusty old farmer who raises the different “flavors” of chicken for Taco John’s.  Since the restaraunt chain has no locations my home territory (yet), I’ve been scouring the internet for a look at the final animated TV spots.

Here’s the first one.  Let me know if you spot any of the others.


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Morgan Freeman Need Not Apply

     Let me be clear about it right up front: 

     I like Morgan Freeman.

     I haven’t seen every movie he’s been in, but the ones I’ve seen, I’ve liked. 

     I like his voice. 


     I’m tired of his name (and Hal Riney’s, and Jeff Bridges’) being hastily slapped onto audition directions as shorthand.

      I’m tired of being yet again lumped into another huge, random gaggle of guys trying to sound like someone they’re not, in hopes of getting a job they were not seriously being considered for in the first place.

     So, after today, I’m trying a little experiement.  I plan to start deleting any and all auditions I get just as soon as I see the words “Morgan Freeman” in the specs.  Somehow I doubt it will affect my income much, since all the times I’ve tried to follow said directions, the job has gone to another talent.  It bothered me a lot until I remembered:  I’m NOT Morgan Freeman.  And I don’t promote myself as such.

     Get an impressionist…get Mr. Freeman through his agent.  Or maybe get better in describing what you want from an experienced voice actor.  Chances are, if you didn’t hear Morgan Freeman on my demos (assuming you even listened to them), you should know you won’t get him in the audition I try and cobble together.

       Maybe in Phase Two of my experiment, I’ll get Mr. Freeman’s talent agency and just forward those emails to the right person.

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