…the Sleep Gremlins have finally found a crazy dream I cannot will myself awake from.
“Actor’s Nightmare”? Pish…I laugh in its face.
“Airshift Where the Studio is Suddenly My Grandma’s Living Room and All the Records Are Wrong”? I can dream I say, “Oh, come on. Wake up.”
But they got me last night with a simple dream of having a creative assignment where the script would alllllllmost come together, but not quite…but I could fix it if…no, but what if….well, nearly there, but…what about if we…. 
Even after waking up from it twice, I went right back to sleep to “fix” the problem. ….oh dear.
“Exhausted” is not the word. (…wait. what is the word? maybe if I…dang, it’s back again, and I’m awake this time!)


— over and out —