…no, I don’t mean “Hire Me” or “Pay Me”.

They’re simple words, easy to use, often neglected or thrown about as an afterthought.  But I’ve come to think they’re two words that don’t get used enough:

“Thank You.”

I’m not sure when I started including a “thank you” in nearly all my emails, but during the past year it’s been one of my more commendable habits.

No matter what I’m writing about, there’s almost always a way to work in a “thank you”.  And really, who doesn’t want to be thanked?

Of course it’s easy to use those two magic words when you’re sending out a request for information, or acknowledgement of winning a job…or sending an invoice.

I think I started noticing it had crept into my “stylebook” as I shot out more mundane things, like auditions.  Granted, you never know whether a person or a piece of software is handling your latest vocal gem, but what’s the harm of saying “thank you” for even the chance to participate?  …of being invited to the call, cattle or otherwise?

A “thank you” always looks good when acknowledging receipt of a script, or even requests for advice from someone who’s been told he/she “has a great voice”.

And while it’s merely my own choice, I opt for the full two words, rather than a quick “thanks”, which is a little less personal but probably just as effective.

If nothing else, you can use it to reward someone for taking time to read your whole message and not just deleting it after the first few words.

Kind of like this blog post.

So…”Thank You!”




— over and out —

You’re Welcome.

It’s becoming harder and harder every year.

As cynical as I’ve always been, and as opinionated as I’ve always been, I have tried (as a rule) to keep my most volitile opinions to myself…or at least couch them in humorous terms to make them less confrontational.

After all, you never know when you’re going to say or do something that insults a client…or a potential one.  It’s easy enough to do, even when you’re trying to be careful.

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But more and more, as I pay attention to all the blathering and posing and preening and one-upmanship…and outright lying and backsliding…going on in the public eye, it’s becoming more and more difficult to remain simply an observer.

For now, though…and with a supreme effort…my resolve remains in place.  For now, I will continue to resist the urge to join the shouting exchanges which masquerade as “debate” almost anywhere you look or listen…where everyone has to have the last word, and everyone has to be right.

For now.

…you’re welcome.

— over and out —